First Appointment

How do I schedule an appointment?

Send an email or call 410-934-4119 to make an appointment. If Dr. Skretch is unavailable at the time of your call, leave a detailed message and you will be contacted within the same day.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable for exercise and accessible for the therapist. Evaluation and treatment for your condition will almost always require a hands-on approach, so wear something that is loose or easily movable. Your therapist is the professional, you can keep it casual.

What forms do I need to fill out?

See our forms page and you can fill your intake forms online before your first visit.  If you have trouble online, you can arrive a few minutes early to complete them at the office. It's important that you complete them before your appointment time so we can make the most of your visit.


Do you take my insurance?

Anchor Point Physical Therapy is an out-of-network practice. That means we do not have any direct relationships with insurance companies in regards to payment.  You pay for your treatment directly at the time of service. However, you may be eligible for an amount of reimbursement through your insurance company after submitting documentation.

While we do not work with insurances directly, we are happy to help you navigate the process of reimbursement. See our forms page for a worksheet to assist you in making a phone call to your insurance company to understand your out-of-network therapy benefits. We do not guarantee reimbursement as it is subject to your individual health plan, but we absolutely want you to submit and receive it if you're eligible.

Why are you out of network?

It is our experience that the current rehabilitative health care system is just not treating patients right. How many times have you been confused, had to jump through hoops, or been given the run-around when dealing with insurances and health care providers? Insurance companies can all too often dictate a patient's plan of care and can be a barrier to the type of one-on-one, customized care that we offer and that you deserve. We want to eliminate all of that and keep your care as simple and stress-free as possible. Please feel free to discuss this with us on the phone when you call for an appointment, we'd be happy to further explain our vision.

What about Medicare?

We do not participate in Medicare. Under federal law, it is illegal to take out-of-pocket payment for services that are normally covered by Medicare. For this reason we can not accept Medicare patients at this time.

Contact your local legislator if you are frustrated by this, like we are.


Do I need a physician's referral to schedule you?

Maryland is a "direct access" state for physical therapy, meaning a physical therapist can be your first contact for your health needs. Not all states have enacted this, so it is to your benefit to take advantage of this. When you experience pain, it will often save you a lot of time, effort, and expense to see a physical therapist first and avoid the "merry-go-round" of referrals.

Some insurance plans will require a doctor's referral for you to receive reimbursement. If this is the case, let us know and we will work with your physician.