Success Stories

What Frank did for me was miraculous. In mid September 2017, I experienced severe muscle pulls in my hamstring and calf of my left leg. From mid September through mid November,  I was managing my own recovery as I had done many times successfully when I was much younger. At 65, though, I kept reinjuring my leg and my overall health continued to spiral downward. I lost over 50% of the muscle mass in my left leg due to atrophy and I had severely weakened all of my mid and lower body muscle structures. I was experiencing severe muscle pain throughout my lower body and found it very painful to move around.  My blood pressure was rising to dangerous levels and medication was ineffective. In mid November I found Frank. Frank would not let me regress any further. His dry needle techniques were effective in relieving the severe pain sources. His counseling helped me understand what I needed to do to prevent any regression and start rebuilding. With his expert knowledge he was able to guide me in my daily exercise and stretching routines and ensure I did not let muscle soreness be an excuse to stop moving. After keeping me moving forward from mid-November to mid January, I was on a steady pace to recovery.

I had at one point enrolled in physical therapy from a common provider but found that following Frank’s strategies, I could recover much more aggressively. Now in May, I am at 80% of my previous physical condition and my blood pressure is where it should be.  I am confidently pushing forward to recover fully to return to a very aggressive daily exercise routine that I had grown accustomed to before the injury. Without Frank, I know that I would not be anywhere near the condition that I am today. I think he literally saved my life.

-Warren A.

I began having terrible left shoulder pain where I could not move it much at all and went to a capable surgeon. He checked my X-ray and MRI and diagnosed my left shoulder with a rotator cuff condition that was labeled "irreparable" and suggested physical therapy to better the situation. I found Dr. Frank Skretch who was known as experienced in shoulder conditions. Frank assured me that my pain would get better and mobility would really improve. With his great experience through exercise, massage, and incredible care, my shoulder and arm have allowed me to do the things I had stopped doing such as driving using both hands, getting dressed, washing, drying, and curling my hair, and carrying heavier bags in the stairs. All with that "irreparable" arm!

I can say from the bottom of my heart - you can't find ANYONE better than Frank to care for you and your pain. He is the friend who gave me my left arm back and I remain forever grateful.

- Norma

I first started seeing Frank for severe back pain. An MRI showed that I had two compressed disks, which had gotten incredibly aggravated due to long stretches of sitting while on vacation. Through regular visits where Frank used manual therapy and had me perform targeted exercises (which I also did at home between office visits) I am now back pain free!

I have since made Frank my first point of contact whenever I have a lingering pain issue. He used dry needling on my elbow & it helped tremendously. He has also helped me recover from an ankle sprain. Frank has been a necessary (& welcome) part of this lady's attempt to stay extremely active and reach new fitness goals in my 40s!

-Sue H.

The first time I saw Frank, I could not raise my right arm much higher than my waist. I had real pain; my rotator cuff was torn beyond repair.

Frank worked with me to determine what my abilities were, and where he thought I might have the best chances for success. For the next year, Frank continued with that strategy, monitoring my muscular strengths and weaknesses, adding different challenges, and gradually increasing the difficulty. From the very first day I went to Frank, I felt better. 

The last few therapy visits before I graduated were only once a month.

Frank really understands the mechanics and functions of our bodies and how to set targets that solve the problems and bring success. I’ve watched him work with other people when I was at P.T., and could see definite improvements in those folks as well.

Today I am doing everything I ever did before, but more carefully. That includes heavy work in our wooded acre-and-a-half gardens: digging, weeding, raking, sawing, chopping and hauling dirt, mulch, and debris. I am careful not to be too aggressive with the work and to stop if I feel discomfort or am tired, things Frank taught me. I still do some of the exercises and stretches as I try to maintain my progress the way Frank wanted me to, and I’m living proof that it works.

I can’t say enough good things about Frank. I think he's a genius at what he does.

-Robert B.

Frank always knows how to help with whatever issue I come to him for and he's first person out of many practioners that has diagnosed the hyper mobility of my connective tissue.  He is very attentive and patient in listening to what physical issues I'm experiencing. 

The most recent visit was a bit of an emergency as I was experiencing lots of lower back pain and felt like I had a disc issue.  As he investigated the source of pain, the issue was more the muscles connected to my lower spine and into the hip that were aggravating the lower back/sacrum area.  I struggled to bend over the sink or get up from the sofa.  Then I was amazed at how my body responded to the dry needling technique on those muscles.  I barely felt anything other than a slight prick and the sensation of muscles releasing all the way through to my foot.  I got up from the table and I no longer had the acute lower back pain.  My range of motion without pain had significantly improved as well. It's only gotten better as the days go by to use the sink and get up from sitting positions, as I have followed the exercises and instructions he's given me.

I'm so thankful to have a PT that I trust and always feel better after visiting.

- Melissa T.